Can a popular boy ever like a nerd like me?

I've always kinda like this guy but he's popular and all around perfect (and perfectly imperfect)... he's now in my school play with me and i'm a total nerd but we've been talking and he's single (his gf of like 5 years and him broke up last yr) and homecoming is approaching (Oct 18) should i do anything special to suggest he ask me or that i'm availible? or should I not even bother, considering he's popular and i'm just one of those in the middle girls, friends with popular kids and unpopular kids but kinda leaning towards the unpopular a bit more... what should i do?


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  • I don't know what the social system is at your school, but in my case I suppose I'm a bit more popular, but I'm not a jock or anything like that. The thing is if anyone asked me I would probably say yes, it's that I don't know at all if somebody likes me. Remember guys are clueless. Honestly, I would just go for it, ask him to homecoming yourself. He will be flattered you want to go with him and will probably say yes. If he doesn't want to go then he won't go. And if he's a jerk about it then he was never worth it in the first place.

    The best advice I have is that if you have the feeling and the opportunity, express yourself. The things I regret the most in my life are the things I never did. Even if at the moment things seem to have gotten worse, they really didn't, just give it time, because letting people know how you feel is always better than keeping it hidden.

    I know it can feel really nervous or whatnot to do what I'm suggesting, but now that I look back at moments I felt like that, they really weren't that ominous or weird and I have never regretted anything that I said I felt because that's what I felt and there was no changing it.

    Even if it doesn't work, its better to know that it won't work and move on then to think it might work and linger on for a long time.

    He will find your confidence very attractive, trust me, I would.

    • hmmm can you think of anyways that i could bring it up with out it being too awkward? i mean like not just blurting it out.. ways to lead up to it?

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    • i feel like that was obvious and i'm just freaking out too much to think straight... lol! thanx!

    • happens to the best of us, np :)


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  • Ofcourse, I honestly do think the whole popular, unpopular, nerd, jock system is a load of bullshit and I seem to fall in the popular/jock side of the whole equation too. Just because poeple see me in that way it doesn't mean I'm not friends with or don't talk to and treat everyone the exact same. If I did like you I wouldn't let things like that interefere, no matter what anyone said or did.
    As for how to do it? Just talk to him and casually mention it, it has been said here before, the confidence may come off as unexpected in his eyes and that will work to your advantage :) Best of wishes, I hope it all works out for you :)

    • thank you! that's impeccably helpful! i never thought guys like.. well i guess you thought that way but now that i think of it he doesn't really treat me any different than any of the uber popular girls! thank you! :)

    • No worries, I hope that did help clear things up. Yeah, some guys are really really into this kind of "segregation" almost, I guess, but most of us, at least the decent guys, aren't. So definitely talk to him and it should be just fine :) Good luck

  • If you were a proper nerd, you'd hate the popular boys :p

    Only joking. I say go for it ;)

    • i do hate most of them.. well.. i only hate like 3 people on earth... but i dislike most popular boys! but this guy is sooo different! :) and thanks

    • It's ok, I was just being a dick :p I presumed he was probably different in some way. Good luck :)

    • thanx! and i thought your comment was kinda perfect lol!

  • Couldn't hurt to flirt with him.

  • Why not socialize with him a bit and also think more positively.


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  • Well who knows. He may like you. But peer preasure may stop him from going out with you. I've seen it happen. Doesn't mean you don't have a chance, but I'm sleeping from experience

  • Are you guys friends?