Rejected by friend. Loved for 2 years. Still love?

She admitted I was ugly. We are still friends. She invites me to her partie (s) I give her gifts that she loves and wears often, there have been A TON of signs that god ( whoever u belive in ) is trying to put us together. 1. She was on the wrong side in the hall and we hit eachother and dropped all our books. 2. Lockers are near eachother. 3. I was thinking of the next gift I was gonna get her and so I asked her so you like TFIOS ( I saw movie) (she read book ) and she was in the middle of watching it right when I texted her and she said AHE LOVES IT and I agreed with her. I'm friends with all her friends. I help my friend that's hers too and she (crushing) always says I'm sweet and nice. I don't know whata going on. I had a huge long message I memorized and said. She even cried ( happily ) when it said it all. It was kinda a song. We have only hugged once. But I can't get over her cause she always says don't love me I'm ugly. I tell Her she's not. I can't get over her. What do I do?


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  • Man, I don't care if she was being honest when she called you ugly but a girl who is right for you will not say that.
    You need to find a new crush (it can be anybody; a celebrity just another woman to think about) and start talking to some new girls. I wouldn't even hang around this girl. It'll take time but just crush on somebody else, I doubt this girl was ever the one for you.

    "There are other fish in the sea", don't waste your time thinking about her when you can crush on some playboy model until you find a girl who doesn't think you're ugly.


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  • You need to distance yourself from her. Go on a date with a another girl you find cute. This may also help her see you as a dating option if not another girl is a good way to get over someone.

  • Keep your distance or you're going to hurt yourself. It's her loss.


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