I need help. Please?

So. Me and my gf been together 5 years. All the way threw high school. Things were perfect. But things got bad and we broke up. But things got real bad.. always fighting. Over stupid stuff normally. We take a couple months apart and don't talk much.. she hooks up with another guy. But she tells me we will most likely get back together. And she love me and all that stuff. And she started asking me what I'm doing. Than she started asking that every day multiple times a day. Asking What's going on and stuff. She started calling me and said I should come over.. but she has a bf. And she says there doing good if somebody ask. But when she talks to me it's different.. I'm confused. Have no idea what I should do or what move to make. I wanna be with her but I want her to be with who she wants to be with. But why does she act like that with me


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  • She likely doesn't want you to get over her and is keewping you in the loop while she figures is she fuxked this new guy enough. Or not. I say go on a date, see what other option there are apart from her. Maybe she made a mistake and will come back , maybe not but you need to be out there not just sit around mopping. Trust there are better people out there it may not seem like it now, but there are. Be string :)


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  • She's a "player". I doubt she has any intentions of getting back with you. She knows you are still attached to her and will do what she says. So now she's on a power trip by having her boyfriend at her feet, and you at her feet. I would suggest moving on.