Is he breaking up with me?

My boyfriend and I had a major argument yesterday and this morning he sent me this text message:

"i have to think of all these things because i wouldn't like to say that I'm fine and after some time change my mind and hurt you and feel ashamed of myself.. i care about you, you know that, right?"

I proceeded to say that I wished him all the best if that's what he wanted.

So, is he breaking up with me or is he saying that he wants to think things over?


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  • Neither. He is explaining in more detail what he said during the argument.

    why are you trying to over complicate things? There is exactly ZERO ways that text could be interpreted as "I am breaking up with you."

    On the other hand, your passive aggressive "I wish you all the best if that's what you want" can definitely be interpreted as "I don't care if you dump me, good luck with that".


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  • Impossible to determine without additional information.


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  • sounds like a breakup via text