Would it seem to desperate?

To text this guy, when I haven't heard from him in three days asking if our meeting is gonna be anything? He seems like a really nice guy and I want to get to know him better. Would I come off as desperate if I texted him if our plans still are on, even its three days ago, almost four since we last talked?


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  • I would wait until he gets back to you.

    • I feel like if I don't message him, our plan won't be anything. BUT whenever I do message him, he texts back and always keeps the convo going till one of us has to leave. What could this mean?


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  • Nah go for it. Ask him if he can meet to talk about something if ur actually into him. Be blunt, guys like that.

  • wait until the morning of and then ask. it just seems like you are firming things up if you do that.

    • Well, we haven't exactly planned a day. Just talked about meeting up, so what do you think I should do?

    • then ya just shoot him a text or something offering a day when you are available and then firm up your plans from there. also try to maintain a low level of contact with him involving a bit of flirting between now and when you guys meet up. not every day just every so often shoot him a text and start a convo.

    • Okay thanks a lot :)

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  • I don't think so

    • You don't think that I would come off as too desperate or don't think I shouldn't do it?

    • That it wouldn't come off as desperate.