She hasn't texted back?

Got her number. I met her the other the day in college but didn't want to get her number the day I met her so it took a couple of weeks to see her again. She said she'll talk to me later after I got her number. I only sent a text earlier saying who it was so she could save the number. then sent her a text later to start a convo but no response its been a couple of hours. what gives? when should I try recontacting her again? I'm planning on asking her out this week. Not sure if she's single or not though.


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  • I would send her one more text and after no response for hours, I'd let her message me and move on with life.

  • I wouldn't text her again unless she responds first. I wouldn't ask her out either. Something I always tell my guy friends when they wonder why a girl won't answer/if they are too busy/phone died/etc... Girls make time when they want to. Just leave it and if you see her around at school, act cool like you don't care she didn't answer. She would probably be impressed.


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