He didn't answer my question?

so i have a friend thats a pot head... and knows all about drug testing smoking pot drugs etc... well i asked him if smoked weed a month ago would i be able to pass a drug test... he didn't respond... but just before that i sent him a text saying " hey can you help me with something? and he asked what and i then asked the drug test q... why would he not answer me? we were suppose to hang out Saturday but i couldnt and he was pretty upset about that... but then go over it..


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  • It shouldn't be found in your system after two weeks. Your friend probably has no clue what he's talking about.

    • he's just now responding after i had got my answer from another friend , but i thanked him for the not help sometimes i feel i can't rely on him... like he's not there for me... makes me wonder why i have him as a friend... i never ask him for anything else... if i can't ask him a simple question why should i have him as a friend and hang out with him

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  • Maybe he didn't get the text. Sometimes that happen