Did I do the right thing cutting him off?

so i have been talking to a guy for 7 months but the problem is he lives faaaaaar away and we alwys faced timed each other and my feeling grew for him , but i see no point in talking to him if i feel im never going to see him, im just gaining feelings for nothing so i told him we should stop talking. but i still like him :( did i do the right thing? i just dont wann get hurt later :(

do you really think its possible?


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  • i think you have to decide how much you like this guy and are willing to give it a chance, BC long distance takes a lot of strength, patience, and commitment. Have you guys made any plans to meet face to face? If so, that would be your silver lining to help get you through the time apart. If there's no plan to meet though, I'm not sure it's worth it.

    • yes we have but i dont feel its possible i dont know why :/ he lives in brazil me in california :/ and i still like him but i jfeel ill end up getting hurt if i keep talking to him and never see him

    • There's always the possibility you can get hurt regardless of the scenario, you just have to decide who's worth it. Do you have anything concrete as far as meeting? Like a month or date? Sometimes that's what you need to put doubt to rest. Overall trust your gut though, and ask yourself if you're creating reasons to push him away, or are those doubts valid? Help yourself where you can to decide if it's worth it :)

    • ill really consider this :) thank youuuu :)


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  • nothings wrong with pen pals... and sometimes pen pals do end up together if the feelings strong enough... if u really wanan see him or he wants to see u ull save up money and do a trip to see the other...


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  • Well long distance is very difficult and it just depends how much you really like this guy. Do you see a future with him? Do you really love this guy? Personally, if I like never got to see this guy, I wouldn't stay with him because the more you get into it, the more feelings you get and it'll be very hard to get over. Its up to you and what your heart says. Good luck :)