Why do I end up getting so invested and caring for a girl?

I've been a late bloomer but I am 23, and in the last year I've been talking to girls and stuff and for me, I seek love, caring and stuff over the other things. So, I've had 2 girls this year that have messed me up mentally. The first one was a friend that I fell for and it took me almost a year to get over, and I cried over her. And now, I am seeing this one girl, but, I don't know where I stand with her, we had sex and went on a date, we talk, but, I don't know what this is. I think every time a girl shows me her vulnerable side, I get emotionally attached, I just want to love her and make her happy.

This girl told me that she sees I've been hurt from my other girl and she understands that because she's been hurt too. And she said she doesn't believe in love anymore, and that sometimes she forgets what's feelings are. And that makes me sad, I'm getting sappy just writing this because she's an awesome person and I don't want her to feel like that, I want her to be happy, I want her to be my GF so I can show her that there is something out there that's worth it.

Like, in the process I get hurt because it doesn't usually work out and I try not to show to much affection because I don't want to scare her off, but inside everyday, I die, because all I really want to do is hold her and see her and do things together and see her smile...

What do I do before I end up destroying my mental wellness.


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  • Ever considered telling her how u feel? Sit her down... and say It awl :)... think it before... don't overwhelm her with your feelings or force it on her... just tell her u wanted to be honest with her and true to the both of you... and shutting herself out coz of her past won't get her anything but hurt and u just want a chance to shower her with awl the affection she would ever want.. and then maybe she wouldn't think like before... but remember to sound sweet.. caring and loving... don't let your emotions get the better of you coz then u'ĺl end up sounding needy and she might feel sorry 4 u


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  • Is your sign a cancer?

    • Scorpio before now Virgo I guess, always gonna consider myself Scorpio.

    • Im a scorpio too! but wait... when is your bday?

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  • Outright and downright ask her what her intentions are with you. Ask her, "Do you want to date and see where this leads us, or do you want to be friends?" Be confident and unafraid of learning the truth.