Why are guys so confusing?

Like one minute there hot the next cold i don't understand i thought women had mood swings. Can anyone possibly shed some light on this topic?


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  • We don't generally change our mind much sometimes we just change what we say because we will lie about something then forget we lied about it so we will come up with something different.

    Basically our memories are typically pretty short when it comes to conversations and stuff like that so it's easy to catch us changing our stories.

    • what about when a guy will be consistently talking to you and then just stop and you never hear from them?

    • Probably either means he never liked you to begin with or something external changed his mind (he found another girl, didn't get what he wanted out of you, got distracted, etc.) sorry to sound blunt but this is usually the case.

      I am not saying something else caused this though, it's possible :P

    • oh no lol im not afraid of blunt no it usually goes to just flirting and talking but guys usually end up getting upset because i won't hook up with them... but i was looking for insight for a guy just to see if there is maybe more reasons out there :] thank you


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  • You think were confusing? !

  • baby batter on the brain i think most clear after I've cleared the plumbing ha,

  • Why are girls so confusing?

    • Well for me im very indecisive I struggle with wanting a relationship and then turning around and not wanting one so I personally take things slow and let whoever im involved with know that I'm very scattered brain and it's not a problem if I let them know from the beginning. But I think most women are confusing because we think a lot and tend to over think every little thing even though we know it's something really stupid

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