What is your meaning of "falling in love"?

What would you describe falling in love as?


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  • I consider "falling in love" to be another way of explaining infatuation and I consider neither of those things to have anything to do with actual love. I consider unconditional love to be the true state of love and that is not a feeling but rather a state of being. It's not really something you generally see in this day and age. Freedom is one of the pillars of love and it's rarely an ingredient in relationships today.


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  • real love is what I'd call the bond people have with family members, the kind of love so strong that you'd take a bullet without hesitation for your family. Without a glimmer of hesitation whatsoever and have instant reactions to if they are hurt etc.. I know when my mom cries, sometimes i get teary eyed for no reason, it just happens and I react like that.

    Falling in love, would be, I suppose the feeling you get when you want to the person you're falling in love for, to have the absolute happiness and you want to be with them forever and never let them go and keep them safe and do everything to make them smile and see them in the best mood possible. You want to see them everywhere, hold their hand, make love, smell their natural fragance and feel like you just took off in cloud 9. Your stomach gets butterflies non stop whether you hear her, see her, smell her, think about her, hear her name


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  • being INCREDIBLY attracted to someone you hope you'll end up liking as as person.. nothing like real love. imo.