I want to try and hold his hand... how do I go about it?

He's already broken the touch barrier with me by hugging etc (we haven't kissed yet) but I want to try and hold his hand. Any tips?


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  • What i usually do is i place both of my hands on his wrist (on the one hand) that should trigger something (it might come off as im not trying to lose him through a crowd). And if his ok with that then i let one hand go and slip my hand in his hand. It works for me, do it when your walking somewhere like one of those long walks to your destination..


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  • tell him u wana go over there and grab his hand and start pulling him and then just let it fade into a hold and see how he reacts

    • Solid advice

    • Well yesterday he actually held my hand briefly while we navigated through the crowd towards the bus and months ago he held it while we were sitting down. He doesn't seem to mind.

  • Take his hand and put it on your boob. That should get his attention.

    • LOL he used to do that but we had to stop because we were afraid of wrecking the friendship but I want to do things right

    • You could just say 'Please hold my hand." Reach out an open palm. Remember to say 'thank you,' when he holds your hand.

What Girls Said 2

  • I once used the excuse that my hands were cold and he automatically said "let's see" and grabbed my hand. If he doesn't grab your hand, ask him if his hands are warm and how yours need warming up. Most gentleman don't mind it.

  • when you're walking on the street, or taking a walk, Especially in a crowd, pass it off as not wanting to lose him in the crowd.