Can we be more than friends with benefits?

I like this guy and lets just say things didn't end on good terms. We've been hooking up for a few years now, and he started growing on me. His told me in the past he wants a relationship, and that we should be together but nothing happened. I need to know why is he keeping me around for so long, when nothing has happened and we're not dating. I understand he likes to be single but why string me along for all those years. I'm head over heels about this guy so please don't tell me to find someone else.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Cold hard truth. He's just using you. He knows he can hookup with you whenever he wants. That's why he keeps you around. That's why he tells you those things. So you want to stay around. How do I know? Cause I've done it before. Go find someone else. I do how many times I've said I'm head over heals for a girl. Forget about him. It takes time but eventually you won't care about him. Couple months ago a girl I was in love with cheated on me with my boss. Now I could give 2 fu*ks about her. As first it sucks. But it will get better. It's a part of life! And once you'll realize this you'll be better off.


What Girls Said 1

  • he's stringing you along because u are providing him with easy sex for free. Sorry. If he wanted more u would be in a relationship by now. U are wasting your time with him