Girls do you EVER do this?

Would you ever or do you ever give your number out to a guy you're not attracted to?

If so, why?

Also why would a girl give you her number but not text you back?


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  • She might have regreted giving you her number. Or did she give you the wrong number for you to leave her alone? or she might not be able to text, she might have had some work to do when you texted her? try to call her.

    • There's been a couple girls recently that I got their numbers and they didn't get back to me. One kind of did but nothing ever came. The other didn't get back to my but I'm pretty sure it was her number because she pulled me aside to give it to me.

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    • google: dating a stripper and choose How to Date a Stripper: 9 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow sorry I can't post a link

    • It just seemed like a lot if effort to turn around and blow me off I guess.


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  • Some guys don't take NO for an answer. I have given a bad number once or twice but only after I had told the guy NO... NO... NO. I'm not interested. It was to basically get rid of him.

  • Yes. I had a group project with a guy, I gave him my number. I have guy friends that I hang out with, we text, they need my number. I love my relatives but I'm not attracted to them. To keep in touch, I gave them my number.

  • Yes, I admit I've done this when I was younger because I couldn't think of a way to let him down easily at the moment or I didn't want to embarass him in public.


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