Should I just forget it?

Ok so im crushing on a guy from work. he told me he didn't want anything serious when I told him I liked him. we get a ride to and from work from the sameperson so we both sit in the back I decided to kiss him but before I leaned to the side he said no but I still did it. I felt a bit rejected so should I just let it go? Good thing on Monday I wont. see him nomore because im switching departments at work.


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  • just forget him... and even more try to act like u don't like him and just ur tring to be freind with him no more and then u can see his reaction to those behaviour...


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  • Ohh you are a brave girl doing that, but when he said no you should have stopped in your tracks. You should never force anything on anyone especially a man, this is a sign of disrespect to a male. He will now be put off more than before, you took the lead maybe he was waiting for right moment. I would say you have blown your chance some men have traditional ways, they are the man they make the move when the time is right for them.