Why are things like this after a year of us dating?

Do guys sometimes start acting different once you been dating for a year? My bf and I have been dating for a little over a year. And for about a month he didn't really want to have sex when he use to always want to. He would say he was to tired. I live with him so not like he could cheat on me really. And he use to talk about having a kid with me n being with me forever. He hasn't said anything about a kid latelt. Which he did just buy a puppy who is a stinker ha. But he still tells me he wants to be with me forever. But he hasn't been as loving or as affectionate. He is also mad because I don't trust him completly after dating a year. He sometimes is a jerk to me but his dad is the same way. Could he still love me n want to be with me? Whenever I bring up breaking up he will get this sad tone in his voice. But things seem. to go back the way it was before the next day.


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  • Why do you not utterly trust him after dating him for one year even though you do suspect him of cheating?

    • Well I have been cheated on in the past. And sometimes he flirts which its not big time flirting but I am also insecure with myself. So sometimes I feel like he wishes I was skinnier or somethung. Then he gets hard ons easily which doesn't help my insecurity. He has gotten them over his own sister in law but he denies it whenever I bring it up.

    • There potentially lies your answer. He is partially paying the price for your ex's decision to cheat on you. Essentially, you had unresolved issues when you committed to him. A no... no. Your insecurity, in addition to your lack of trust in him, is wearing him down, and, consequently, at times, causing him to be less loving and affectionate. And, not forget, angry. In like circumstances, I assume most men would act the same.

      Hypothetically, if he discontinued flirting, etc., your issues with yourself would remain. If you left him to be with another dude, your issues with yourself would be the same. Therefor, I ask, have you at all attempted to improve your self image? If so, what measures did you take?


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  • Why don't people break up when they feel like it? This guy could just be stressing about something else, or not. Only way to find out is by talking with him. And if you can't talk with him, then who could you go to?

    • I have tried talking to him but he hates talking about this stuff. I have told him thay if he never wants to talk it's never gonna work because we won't be able to work things out n get our relationship better.

    • Talking might be the most important thing in a relationship. Well I guess besides being attracted to each other... but still, talking is vital, so maybe it won't work out. Couples who have been married for 50 years still find things to talk about every day (just sayin'.)

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  • I think it's normal that his behavior changes after some time... but maybe he is really tired, or just a bit edgy because of his job or some other reason.