Is it too early for me to start a relationship with her?

There's this cute Asian girl that I like from one of my college classes. We've recently got to know each other more very fast by having nice long conversations about ourselves and our lives and where we came from. She's already comfortable enough with giving me her cell phone number so she did give it to me. She's the type who is somewhat shy but very open to making any new friends at the same time. Even after about 2 weeks of getting to know each other very well, I'm already starting to have a feeling for her, like a love feeling. She kinda acknowledges that I'm the type of guy who tries his best not to annoy anyone or come off as a creeper but she very understanding of me and where I come from, which is what I love about her.

Idk, should I ask her out this Friday to go have our first date on Saturday evening/night at a nice restaurant to start a relationship with her or should I just be a little more patient and not rush it?


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  • Ask her, specify that this is a date, if she turns you down stay friends, but it's better than waiting and someone else seizing the opportunity.


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  • i think don't wait too much because someone may her out before you did it. at least you can try your chance. according to your explanation you had a good friendly relationship so far so you can stay as friends even if she kindly reject you.