Should I wait for a girl that isn't ready to date yet, as she needs to sort some things out?

Basically i bumped into a female friend on a night out who was with one of her good work friends. Me and her work friend hit it off massively, had great banter/chats and just generally got on really well. She added me on FB the next day and we started chatting and i quickly got her number. She's terrible at replying but her friend assured me that she was like it with everyone. We went on a date the Monday after and had a great time, constant chatting, really similar interests and opinions. She wanted to go on a second date and said that she found me physically attractive and that she liked me.

Over the next 2 weeks we spoke a lot less than before, she show jumps horses and works full time so this takes up a lot and she barely looks at her phone. We arranged a second date but pushed it back twice. Then the day before the date, i asked her mutual friend what this girl thought of me because i was getting really mixed signals. Then the girl text me after speaking to her friend saying she didn't feel ready to be dating at the moment as she had been fucked around by a few guys that year and wanted a break on her own, she wished that she had met me in a month of so's time so she would be better equipped to handle an additional pressure. She said that if i was still single and didn't hate her that she would want to go out again because she likes me and we got on so well, but couldn't handle the pressure of everything right then. I sent an understanding reply etc, and she said that we would pick things up again soon and that it was refreshing to meet somebody decent.

Our mutual friend agreed that she shouldn't be dating because of what happened to her, and that she did like me and definitely had the good/decent guy impression from me, so i should just be patient and she will come back.

But my question is, should i wait for her?


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  • I feel like if this girl was really really into you she would date you right now no questions asked, so in my opinion no I wouldn't wait for her. Its her loss.


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  • Lol what are you gonna do enter a coma lol yeah but dont put your life on hold. You may meet someone else while also waiting for her but hey thats her loss


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  • You should keep dating other girls, and be open to something developing in the future. But don't wait around for her.