How long should you know a person before friending them on Facebook?

I just started college on August 25th and there is this really cute guy in my math class. He always turns around to talk to me and he smiles at me a lot. He walked with me after class yesterday and we had a long discussion about this weird guy in our class who likes me and he said "does the scraggly beard not do it for ya?" I said "No, not really." He said "Yeah, I've been meaning to shave." Is that a reference to him liking me or just an add-on to the conversation? He waited for me after class today but he had to go and talk to the teacher in her office. My friend has him in another class and already friended him on Facebook. When should be an appropriate time for me to friend him? I know it shouldn't be a big deal, but I don't want to run him off. I want to start off by being friends and I think we're almost there. What do you think? Is that a big deal to guys?


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  • well he's defiantly got an interest in u... I don't know if its simply sexual or relationship.. i have people friended on Facebook i dont even know and haven't sent 1 message to... its easy to friend a friend of a friend and no awkward questions


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  • uh... right away?
    I mean... what do you have to hide on Facebook really... if you're gonna put it online , any job recruiter will be able to see it , any human resources manager will be able to see it , the peeps working at the office of provost will see it.
    It's no biggie.

    • It's the age of social media man , if you want to share something private , do it face to face , the electronic media ain't the way to do it no more.

  • just do it right away, who cares


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