Friend zone, dont know what to do?

So I think I was DEFIANTLY in the friend zone with this girl I had a crush on. I complimented her she said "aww thanks" and all that stuff. Thing is I ended up asking her out and telling her how I felt about her and that I really liked her and wanted to go out on a date. She said no but then called me later that day and said yes to the date and when we went out it was cool, cuddling, holding hands etc but when I went to kiss her at the end of the night she said that she just wanted to take it slow. I was thinking I'm back in the friend zone but then she starts calling me, like every night this week. We're supposed to go out again this weekend, is it a lost cause or no?


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  • Not if she's going out with you. But if she won't let you kiss her after two more dates, max, you are just in the more expensive friend zone


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  • Nr 1: despite the fact that I think this 'friend zone' idea is nonsense.. you were not in it to begin with.
    Nr 2: Not everyone kisses after the end of the first. So chill dude, if you really like her you can wait. And she's been calling you, like, every night! Clearly she's interested in spending her time on you.

    Just relax.. take it easy ;)

  • She said she wanted to take it slow... why don't you trust that answer? It doesn't have any hidden meaning, it literally means she wants to take it slow.


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  • Not a lost cause at all, and you were not in the friend zone by the sounds of it lol... just take it slow... do the 3 date rule... kiss on the 3rd date as you say goodnight ^_^