Dating an Italian man - coming on too strong?

I met this guy for the first time via online dating website. He's Italian, with very strong accent. In our first date, he picked a bar near his place for a drink, which is fine, coz the area is the prime location in London. We have been exchanging texts for about a week, mainly small and short talks. During the drink, we didn't talk about very emotional stuff. Then after the drink, he suggested taking a walk outside. While he was introducing me the area, he suddenly said I'm going to kiss you now. I didn't see that coming and was caught in surprise. So kissed me but I didn't feel comfortable. He said he'l felt bad about it and I said it was all right. Then he continued to kiss me. All French. We then walked for a while. He started to kiss me again and hug me. He said I should go to his apartment to see the views. I told him I didn't think its a good idea. He said he didn't mean that and asked me not to think of him that way. He then walked me to the train station and asked to meet me again the next day. Then he kissed me goodbye.

I've never dated an Italian guy before. And I felt somewhat scared. I don't know if this is A typical Italian culture thing or the guy was only looking for sex and then he'll be gone... And shall I go out with him the next day?

I turned down his request for a second date as he suggested meeting quite late at a metro station near his place. And he replied something kike let me know when you are available. I think it's quite clear what he wants now. Correct me if I'm wrong...
He kept telling me how much he liked to kiss me and he was not a Latin lover and just wanted a drink and kiss... So was he just lying?


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  • I am mostly Italian and not all Italians are like this... We take great pride in our family and traditions. With any culture there are men that just want sex and others that more than that. From what you told me I get the impression that he just wanted sex from you. If that is all you are looking for then I guess there is no problem there... however if you want more than that... then in my own judgement he may just wanted to have a good time seeing he was pushy with his "moves".


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  • He wants to bang.


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  • I am friends with an Italian man and he is very sweet. He does not do any of those things with me of course because we are just friends but he is timid