He told me he has good intentions?

after looking at me very seriously and telling me "You really are beautiful" I decided to kind of joke and ask him do you have good intentions with me? and he said yes I do. does this sound like he wants a relationship?

he couldn't handle a relationship before because he had just gotten out of his first and very very long term one (like 7 1/2 years) and so I ended things 9 months ago, but he tried really hard to get in touch with me over summer I finally responded.


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  • The definition of "good" is relative. Maybe he finds murder to be a good thing. In that case, he would have murderous intentions with you.

    • ya, but in this context, if a girl asked you that what would you think she meant? I was hoping he took it as good intentions = relationship material

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    • wtf ok whatever

    • Yes, he wants to date you.

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  • Need more details becaus ethat could mean good intentions mean sex relationship or bingo

    • you think a guy would really interpret that question as me asking for sex only relationship?

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    • yeah I am hoping that's how he feels, I'm scared to ask this early into things though, and he's really busy so I haven't been getting to see him very often

    • aw thats sad but sadly its how it is.

  • DUH? 😱 yes more than likely


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