Watching a movie together?

He invited me over for movie and we've been seeing eachother for a few months now.
I know he's going to try to make a move, so if he puts his arm around me, what am I supposed to do? Do I scoot in closer to him? Where do I put my arms? Haha
Guys, what would you want a girl to do?


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  • Do whatever you want. Hold his hand, put your head on his shoulder, kiss him, whatever you want and feeling up to do


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  • The easiest thing to do is what ever he does... you react by doing anything your body suggests.
    You can't really go wrong in this situation...

    Have fun ;).

  • If you really want to keep him, you wrap your arms around his neck, turn his face towards you and you kiss him passionately. Yes, it may seem awkward, but it will be that guy's best day of his life.

    Or if he doesn't recognize what you did takes courage, you probably have a girlfriend :P

  • Well if your happy to 'get it on' then to relax and let it flow. For me her to put her hand on my thigh, such a turn on and then I'd probably make my move to make out with her. at this point I dont want her to pull back but get close to me


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