Girls, do you ever help guys get together with your female friends?

Lets say a guy approaches you and tells you he likes your friend. Do you ever try and help him make a good impression?


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  • Well, lets just say that I have done it before and everyone blamed me for the outcome (they broke-up). Oh well...
    Never again.

  • A stranger? No, tbh. If he really likes her he can go talk to her and make his own impression. For my guy friends, it may sound bitchy, but my girl friends are completely off limits unless they both feel the same way. I'm not trying to be cold, but my guy friends are massive assholes to girls that they mess with and I don't want them screwing with my friendships again

    • Why are you friends with guy like that?

    • I've been friends with these guys since I was like 14, among ourselves we have no problems. They're just horny little players and I know better than to mix them with my female friends. I love them like brothers, but they're still immature @Scorpio909

  • if he is not going to harm her and is a good guy then hell yeah, we do it all the time


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