An acceptable time for "I Love You"?

I`ve been seeing a wonderful man for 6 months. I`ve been in love with him for about 3 months but because of his closed off personality and avoidance of anything to do with feelings deeper then "You`re awesome or I really really like you" makes expressing how I feel a nightmare. I can tell by his actions he cares deeply and he tells all his family and friends how special I am to him. But still hasn`t said I Love You. I do know he has never told a girl this before and understand its difficult to admit such deep feelings, especially for guys! But how long should I wait? I mean I want to wait forever if it takes that. He feels like "The one" but I just want to tell him how I feel without fear that he might freak out and run. he's such an amazing guy and I don't want to lose him.


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  • He is probably stuck in the same spot as you. I would just say it. Don't freak out if he doesn't say it back right away. I said it first to my wife when we were dating and it took her about 3 weeks to say it back. We had been dating about 4 months or so at that time.


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  • Have ypu felt that he has dropped any hints or anything to show that he feels this way back? Also what is holding you back from it? If ypu talk a lot even text. I would just bring it up.

    • We talk quite a bit but whenever love or emotions are brought up he just avoids it and changes the subject. Making it difficult. He has however said and done things that show his emotions may be deeper then like. neither of us have said it yet, but the emotion is there.

    • Could you possible go deeper into that? sorry.. So like if you ever asked him about how he feels like what he would want in a relationship or something he just changes the topic?

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  • Tell him you love him, what do you have to lose? if he wasn't in love by now when will he ever be?

    If you complain about him not telling you, enough, he probably won't because that's just how his are I don't know

    • Also you can tell him to call you at a specific time, like hmm before he usually wakes up around 7-8am If you never ask him to do anything for you, and he does this he darn near loves you

    • I don't complain about it. I just say nothing. But its getting harder and harder to keep how I feel bottled up and its driving me damn near insane. I just want to get it over with. :P