How do I tell this guy I love him?

I have been seeing this guy for ten months now and we get along really good. We talk for hours and the sex is amazing. We are best friends before anything. We have both helped each other through rough times and have been supporting each other when we need it. So i want to know what is the best way to tell this guy i love him. Do we go for dinner or have a drink and break it out in conversation. How would you like a girl to tell u? Keep in mind i am a little on the shy side. Need some ideas.


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  • okay, here's some ideas..

    You can write it on your body where he discovers it when you're getting passionate.

    Walk up to him and get face to face and look in his eyes and tell him "I love you John Doe" Own it, and make it personal with his name.

    Wrap your arms around him, before letting go where you're not facing him tell him "I love you John Doe", etc. Use his name in the sentence.

    If it hangs there because he's taken by surprise, you can break the silence by moving forward with how much you appreciate him being there for you, the great guy he is, and the incredible lover he is. Get some conversation going.

    Don't do it with a hug as he's leaving because you'll torture yourself wondering what he was thinking after he left.

    Game of hangman.. your word "loveyou"

    Get into a comfortable romantic relaxing moment, whether it be out for dinner, etc, and tell him..

    Frequently women will have a drink to loosen up first (liquid courage), but usually go too far and are simply drunkby the time it's revealed.. and usually not gracefully, with a lot of slurred speech. Don't do it that way.

    If he's the guy you think he is, he cares for you too. Doesn't mean that he doesn't have issues that make it hard for himself to admit how he feels. That said, not getting the perfect response doesn't mean he doesn't feel the same way.

    Good luck!

    • Wow thank you. You have given me plenty of ideas and was really helpful.


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  • WEll, telling someone "I love you" should actually be natural. IF you feel that way, express yourself. What I think you are asking is "What if I tell him I love him, and he does not respond?" IF that is what scares you, then maybe you need to wait. OF course, you can always simply ask him if he is in love with you. Please do not ask after your "amazing sex" because almost any guy after that will agree. Also, don't ask before sex, because, if he is ready to go, he will again agree. I suggest a time when you are both relaxed and just enjoying each other's company.

  • Go to a romantic place around sunset.
    Like sunset cliffs or something like that. Just hug him and say it. Easy.

  • With words


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  • I agree it should be natural. If you feel like you need to say it then go for it. :)