A guy told me off because I rejected him?

Alright, so I'm a junior in highschool and last year this boy asked me to be his valentine and went the extra mile by getting me a huge bear and chocolates, but avoided me the rest of the day. So, I kind of just blew it off and never talked to him again. But this year I've been around him a few times because my friends are friends with him, and he's had such an arragont attitude about him that just really put me off. One time he even asked me if I had a light so he could - I assume - light up.

So on Instagram, he dm'd me saying I'm cute and wanting to hang out with me and blah blah blah, yet he kept insisting that I must hate him. I reassured him that I didn't hate him, I just didn't like his personality and how I find him to be very immature but I wouldn't mind being friends. Then he started calling me a bitch and a lesbian, which is ironic since my friend has said he's admitted to being bisexual, how I wasn't even "all that cute" and stating that I have no friends.

So, does the kid honestly hate me now or was his ego bruised so badly that he'd go to the extent to talk down so horribly to a girl he claimed to want to "make up" with?


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  • Ignore him and move on. The guy can't take rejection Let him in his own self pity. Don not react to his comments or anything else he says about you. Thats his problem. You tried to mature about the situation. To be honest, rejecting was the right thing, he has shown his true colours to you, and other girls.

    • Tell him to grow up and be man. A real man takes rejection, children throw thier toys.


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  • Like you said he is immature. This reaction only makes that more clear, you were right!

    And why do you seem to care anyway.


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  • Just ignore him & move on. If he's going to resort to childish behavior like that he isn't worth your time.