Girls how do you forget a guy that you liked?

Me and this guy was real cool and we both express our feelings to each other, he told me he love me and I told him the same. Then he got into a relationship with this girl and stop talking to me then once they broke up he started talking to me. Now I can't stop thinking about him, then when I called him his voice seem like he was happy when I called, he was asking how I was doing and stuff. But now he not even texting me. He told me some had his phone that's why he stop talking to me, when I said he was dating someone and I'll back away he was like no don't do that. Please help


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  • Well i don't know he seems to be a player.. well the only guy i 've known with such character was an ex of a friend of mine and i don't remember her reaction was ever stronger than urs..
    this guy has a serious lack of attention problem.. a real man doesn't just tell a girl he "loves" and just date another one in the next morning.. doesn't ever make sense to me.. but let me tell u something that's not what u "want" to hear.. u just want to hear someone says that he was maybe feeling some conflicted feelings and he didn't know what to do that's why he has stopped talking to u (which is pathetic) .. but out of the blue when he broke up with her he felt how precious u were..
    buy it if u like but remember i told u that's just what u want to hear.. but what u "need" to hear is that something is not right.. there's a part missing of the puzzle because to me (someone judges only with a mind) he seems to have an issue..
    what i would recommend to u is to keep things casual and don't make any step towards "love thing" , just try to ignore him a little bit don't start texting or calling and stuff.. just keep things pretty casual and let him understand he 's not on the list anymore.. because iam pretty sure what he did was very hurtful to u and u know it also.. trust me he 'll call and start to give u more attention in order u fall for him even more and act to make him feel like he's the king of the world last time i talked about my friend's ex she said she refused his marriage proposal just because she ignored him and made him feel like "no u 're nothing and u know u 're nothing" that's his killer.. it's obvious u know it isn't right from the title only i could tell how about u? have another thing in mind? u know it isn't working and deep inside u , u feel he's good BUT u know he's just not good enough.. it isn't what u deserve..

    • and about how to forget someone u liked.. well i could tell u many things but none of them would work for u.. only a feeling kills another.. it 's gonna be hard not to think about it in such situation it'll be hard to forget completely about him and just fill ur time with whatever stuff.. u 'll only forget about it when u get into a new relationship even if it fails ur mind will have stronger memories with the latest one not the older one.. it's a bless u can call it.. awaiting for ur reply if something 's not clear enough ^_^

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    • Thank u for BA
      i wish everything is going well for u :)

    • and please please don't listen to whoever tells u to drink or have drugs or whatever stupid thing.. because u 're way stronger than handing ur mind over because u think u 're not good enough i don't want it to sound relegious but if u weren't strong enough to fight or even to take this thing Allah wouldn't have created u.. because Allah wouldn't put u in a place u 're not strong enough to survive in it.. maybe it's gonna be hard but never impossible


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  • lets see:

    beer, alchohol, sex, talking..

    all are good options.

  • Drugs... duh

  • By finding another boy to like


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  • Is he saying someone for sure? If so ten the answer is clear--leave it alone. But I you're jumping to conclusions, give it a shot