What do I do now? I'm so tired of getting hurt?

So my closest and really only close friend is a guy that I've liked for a couple of months. He's dating another girl and recently told me that he's attracted to me. But he hasn't broken up with his long distance gf. I have a very strong feeling its going to result in me getting hurt again. He tried going on a date with me a few months ago before I knew he was dating another girl. Now were back to where we started but this time I know he's dating someone. But I'm afraid of losing my only friend if I give up too soon. Should I tell him I can't do this again or should I just leave it be and being hurt repeatedly everyday I work with him? Because I know it'll make me depressed the rest of the time we work together.


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  • Tell him are you gonna be with me or cheat on me if u cheat on me I'll kill those side hoes lol


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  • well simply he's having u on the shelf.. he told u he's attracted to u so u 're still in his circle and at the same time it doesn't have to mean anything.. so he keeps messing around as he likes with no blame put on him.. he 's just playing smart.. he doesn't know if u 're just enough or not , and if he was caring for what u guys have he wouldn't have made a step and said he's attracted to u.. just play dumb now.. and keep things pretty casual and try to reduce ur attention.. he needs to know what he wants.. he's acting childish