3 VERY EASY question for girls?

Please answer all three

1. Do most women want boyfriends

2. Do most women not like being single

3. I was told that a lot of girls don't need boyfriends because they get emotional support from friends. If this is the case, why do women bother dating men?


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  • I don't think it's fair to comment on behalf of other women. It's like saying "do all men want size 4 supermodels" - not everybody wants the same thing. I will comment from my viewpoint instead.

    1. I want a boyfriend. I have a boyfriend.
    2. I don't dislike being single - it's nice to have my own space, do my own thing, be my own boss, have space in the bed, etc. However, it's nice to be close to someone - cuddle someone for no reason, share moments with etc.
    3. Girls can provide the emotional support yes, but for me I also require romantic support (and no I don't JUST mean sex). Being told I'm pretty, being loved, being stroked, being appreciated more than "thanks for listening you're a good friend". You can't get that from friends on the same level - you love each other, but it's not like a boyfriends' love. I do rely heavily on people close to me for advice and support, but my boyfriend provides me with a sense of security, a feeling of a future, a feeling of stability, as well as emotional support. Of course, it may all be in my head; but my aim is to settle down and start a family. I want to start a family with my best friend and my lover, not just any random dude who's spunking like an excited jack in the box.


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  • 1. I believe most women want a boyfriend.
    2. Some do some don't. I have 1 friend that hates being single but I have another that could care less about having a boyfriend ( I'm 14 and most of my friends are 13-16 some are 17 and 12 huge age gap I know)
    3. Close friends are almost always there but having a guy that cares for u. Feels a lot better than friends tbh. That's why some girls cry a lot when they break up. They loved them a lot and now that it's over they feel alone even though they have friends.

  • 1) most girl would like to have one. But only if he is the right man for the job.
    2) as I become older and wiser
    ( hopefully) I prefer being single than being with the wrong guy.
    3) they don't have a penis!

    • So they only date men for sex?

    • No.. We just rather not waste time with a douche who just wants sex.
      We want a guy who genuinely apprecites us for who we are. All the good along with the not so good parts

  • 1. Yes, most women are searching for the right guy.
    2. I'm fine until I see a happy couple, then I just want to find some guy and make out with him.
    3. Because men are sexy. And men offer a different kind of support. A bond between a boyfriend and girlfriend, or husband and wife is so strong. They stick together.

    • So even though women get emotional support from friends, they still want boyfriends? I was told that men are nothing but clowns in a woman's eyes

    • Uhm no. Guys are great. They can cheer you up instantly, and their voices.. ohmiword, some guys voices are instant turn ons. Guys make the best best friends which often leads to a great relationship. I talk about a lot with guys.

  • 1. Yes.
    2. Yes.
    3. No. My personal experience is that female friends make you feel even more lonely if you don't have a BF. Its only when you are already securely in a relationship with a guy that they start treating you like equals. Strange, but true :P

  • I need a man in my life to share every beautiful & bad moment in my life with me, to support me when i need him. That's why i would date someone. Some girls may need men only for their sexual needs but they don't want to admit it. Some just want to have a boyfriend because she hate to be told that she's the only single between her girls friends. At the end we are not the same everyone has a different opinion on this.

  • 1. Yes most women do
    2. Yes some women don't like being single
    3. Well you can't actually fuck and make love to a girl (unless your bi or a lesbian)

    • In regards to your answer to number 3, does that mean they only date men for sex?

    • Lol, i like how you are picking out a particular word. No. (Example.. opposites attract, you can't have a positive and a positive nor a negative or a negative together, it just gets boring after a while) and us women still want to try new things and learn.. Its a never ending story

  • 1. Depends entirely on the woman

    2. I would think not since its biological to want companionship/sex

    3. False

  • Not sure.
    Not sure.

  • Yes

  • 1 and 2. It depends on the girl. Some are always looking for a boyfriend and others are fine with being single. Some are more independent while others aren't because they think they need a relationship to complete them.

    3. I think part of the appeal of having a boyfriend is the sex and knowing someone wants you in that way because it's a nice feeling to be desired. Friends are great at sharing some things, but other things seem like you'd share them with a lover. Plus, a girl would like having someone who really loves and values her romantically instead of just platonically.

  • 1. Women usually want a boyfriend
    2. I believe most women hate being single, but would never admit it.
    3. Friends can only give you so much. Boyfriends are potential partners, so women date and date till they find a suitable one. Can't have a family with girlfriends, unless they are in love and adopt.

    • But do women also want men for emotional support or they get absolutely all emotional support from friends

    • Some do, especially if they trust their lover.

  • 1. Yes, most straight women want boyfriends.
    2. No, I've never met a woman who actually liked being single.
    3. The emotional support you get from friends really isn't the same as having a partner support you fully. Also, boyfriends are good for more than just emotional support lol.


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