Question to females. Would a guy asking you to help them improve their dating skills be awkward?

I'm considering asking a friend of mine to pretend to be my girlfriend so I can improve my dating skills. I am a very very shy individual and have very little social interaction experience. My worry is would this be a creepy/awkward favor to ask of a female friend of mine or would that be acceptable? Obviously no sex/making out/anything besides going out on dates (forcing me to have things to talk about or ask) and giving me suggestions for what I can change


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  • To pretend to be your girlfriend? Yep don't do that. You just need to stop being afraid of rejection, 98% people in the world will not be interested in you and nothing will ever change that except for you, you may make that percentage go down but you must be fearless and accept rejection <3


What Guys Said 1

  • try seeking a dating coach, David Wygant and Johnny Berba are awesome, also look up Nick Notas as well