Is it just me or is there a huge misunderstanding of the word dating on this website?

I am single but I am currently dating a guy

But for some reason when I use the word date people are assuming that he is my bf

Even thighs they are not one in the same

I don't know if it's a cultural thing but even done people in America think I'm in a relationship when I say I'm dating

*some people in America


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  • Understood. A guy you are simply dating is just that. Boyfriend/Girlfriend usually is used once a relationship begins.

    I don't think the confusion ends there. How many people confuse dating as a relationship? That is a big deal as if two people are just dating, one side may see it being more than it really is.

    How many people apply the word "date" to events that are not clearly defined as "dates" by both sides?

    It all boils down to communication. But I see it often being a problem. Two people seeing the context of it all very differently. Then when it ends, the side that read more into it is hurt deeper as from their perspective it was all more serious than it actually was.

    Bottom line is to talk and make sure the other person is on the same page.


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  • if thats the case taking multiple people at once would be a bad thing... i dont consider that to be the case as long as its known between both parties... relationship is where bf/gf thing starts and thats not till after the dating process starts... still u act like its totally obvious... most people in this world dont think like u so ure the weird 1 :P

    • Whatever

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    • You called me weird

    • weird
      suggestive of or relating to the supernatural; eerie
      (((((strange or bizarre))))
      (archaic) of or relating to fate or the Fates

      do i need to define the meaning of them 2 words... if ure different ure weird...

  • Dating does not equate exclusive. If you are dating someone then you are seeing them, if you are exclusive then the two of you are a couple. I personally have an old school view of dating. When it becomes exclusive its stated as such.

    • I kind of feel like these days people are afraid to confirm exclusivity

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    • I told him not to be afraid of telling me the truth

      I told him to let me know so I can find someone else that wants to be in a relationship with me

    • At this point dear I think its safe to say you should just leave while you can, and find someone who wants to actually be with you. Versus playing this game.

  • If you're dating someone (a guy) I would call that person your boyfriend.

    • The guy I'm dating has not called his gf
      He just says we are dating

    • Why? Dating means going on dates, getting to know someone, it can lead to being a boyfriend but to start with dating is just dating.

  • I say dating means bf gf, if not ur just hanging out nothing more

  • A lot of people, even in American, don't date more than one person at a time. So they consider the person they are dating their boyfriend/girlfriend. This is why it is always important to talk about if you are dating other people, instead of assuming you are exclusive.

    • Yea I told this guy I'm dating that he is the only guy that I am seeing

      But it's kind of hard to ask that as a woman without coming across as needy

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    • How do I dump him? He's not my bf

    • Either ignore his attempts to contact you, or just tell him you aren't interested in dating him anymore.

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  • Dating is the beginning stages of a relationship, a romantic courtship. When you go on a date, you are looking for love, not to discuss about the stock market or the weather. In most of the cases, dates don't end with just conversation. It leads to something more eventually.

    When you meet a guy on the first date, he's just a stranger, not ur BF. But after getting to know him over a few dates, he definitely becomes one! So you don't "keep dating" a guy forever! It has to be a boyfriend.

  • I'm not from America, and I would say 'dating' means you're seeing someone (or multiple persons), but it hasn't been exclusive yet. I think it is something cultural

  • When you say your dating someone, that implies just them.. which would mean bf/gf.. its the same as "im seeing someone" ..

    • Well he says we are dating but when I ask him if we are official he says I don't know