Is she embarrassed to be with me?

So I've been talking to this girl but she is only flirty with me when it's just us two and never when we are around her friends. She's in a sorority. Is she embarrassed to be with me in front of her friends or something? I really like her so I hope this isn't the case. I think her friends don't like me because I'm not in a frat. What do you guys and girls think?


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  • Most likely she doesn't flirt with you around her friends because she knows that they know that she likes you and so they are probably watching her when she is with you. She is embarrassed but not because of being you, she just doesn't want to embarrass herself. It happens to me. I like this guy a lot but I mostly flirt with him not in the public eye. All of my friends and others that are not really my friends and even the faculty at my school know that I like him. I feel so exposed when they all see me with him and get embarrassed so I usually flirt with him alone when I feel more comfortable.


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  • If that is what your gut tells you then you are probably right!

  • Either that or she has another guy on the side.

    • Well when we first started talking she did lie to me when she said she was hanging out with her friends when she was actually hanging with another guy.

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    • Well technically she isn't cheating because we aren't together but we haven't talked in awhile so maybe you're right. I can't just find another girl it's not that easy for me.

    • you can do anything you put your mind to it might just take you longer than it takes somebody else.

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  • Sadly, this reminds me of the Chad Kultgen novel "The Lie." You should read it, because it's brilliantly crude writing and portrays Greek life/undergrad life at SMU in Texas with biting wit and sad realism.

    I attended Auburn (in AL) for undergrad and I saw SO many girls that were in sororities just melting their brains on the sidewalks, having no real thoughts in their heads other than "what am I wearing today?" It was seriously sad. Frats were worse (they think it's fun to rape girls), be glad you're not in one. Ever read the website "Total Frat Move"? That stuff actually happens and it makes me want to vomit. Ugh.

    You know what they call us folk that aren't in Greek life? GDIs. That stands for God Damn Independents. Just because we're not paying to be part of those fucking organizations. What a joke.

    I don't mean to offend or judge, but you can probably tell by my answer that I'm not fond of Greek life (elitist, exclusive, just plain... mean). Sorry if I'm depressing you. I just hate exclusion and accepted inequality.

    My sage advice: Straight up ask your girl if she's bothered by you not being in a frat. If she is, lose her. Such a superficial thing (over in 4 years) to exclude someone over. She can always bring you to parties and you can always mingle with frat dudes over beer pong and some shots. You can even help her plan things for charity events and stuff. Greeks won't always accept you (because they've been brainwashed not too), but show some class and be passionate about your major/life situation and nobody can honestly disrespect you at the end of the day. To make friends ya gotta be a friend. Can't help who's an asshole and who's a flower.

  • If you have not asked her out yet you'd better get on it. She does not want you to be labeled as her boyfriend, in my opinion, because all her sorority sisters would then gossip about her and possibly tell others that you and she are an item, and you might guess what that would mean for her social life. Take her for a Starbucks. You have her number, don't you?