I'll contact you sometime soon?

I talked to a guy online and then we decided to meet. Yesterday we met for the first time , after 1:30 hour he apologized and said he had to leave. He said : " nice to meet you and I'll contact you sometime soon" . Does this mean that he is interested in continuing the relationship or he prefers not to go further? Will he contact me anymore?


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  • Sounds like 'The End'. When you arrange to meet someone for the first time one would expect to ensure you have more than just 90 minutes to spend time with them. Additionally the goodbye is far too formal and not very special, which makes me think he was not interested and just wanted to get away. Sorry :/


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  • Well, his goodbye message is very formal, which leads me to doubt his sincerity.

    Hope I'm Wrong :)

  • Sounds like a no go to me. Most guys would not leave on a first date. And if he had some pending stuff they would meet you when there free another time. Was this a blind date? Did you talk on the phone first?


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