Anyone know a dating site that's worth your time?

I've been trying to get into dating for the past few years now, there have been times when I took breaks from searching because of certain people in my life, but I just don't have any luck on dating websites. I've tried zoosk, pof, okcupid, match, datemyschool, and a few others but I haven't had any luck with any of them. I'd probably have better luck with zoosk and match if I were to become a premium member and pay the fees for a full year membership, but $70+ isn't as easy to come by when you're not making $9 an hour with an inconsistent schedule and paying rent and other bills. Been trying to find better pay but haven't had any luck yet. I tried, I think, a one month subscription to zoosk and suddenly stopped getting messages from people, and it's just really difficult to find people that I find people that I'm attracted to both physically and characteristically that will actually respond. I don't like parties, for some odd reason I just don't find people getting wasted for the sake of having fun and making regrettable choices very attractive and any bars that have people around my age (23) are basically just party spots, besides the fact that I don't drink bars and parties just don't interest me. I interact with tons of people every day at work but the only coworkers I might be interested in are in relationships and it's unprofessional for me to ask one of the customers out and puts my job at risk as we aren't allowed to approach them in such a manner. So, I guess I've said more than enough and you guys get the point. If you have any suggestions please let me know and thanks for your time!


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  • I know you may not wanna hear this but network with people you know in person. Online you're stuck with girls who just want attention, and many admit they only want attention and post about it on here.

    I've personally met girls from pof, okc, match. com, and craigslist.

    Craigslist... stay far away from! It's full of druggies and prostitutes. I personally have managed to hook up with girls off of it (no money involved), and it's very risky.

    pof and okc are all I can recommend. Honestly, on match and zoosk it's all the same girls who already have pof and okc profiles. Plus, a lot of the accounts are dead accounts. Sites like match are very deceiving. Like you could be writing to many accounts who are not paid meaning they can't reply to you anyway and I've caught a gold digger on match before as well by finding out her Facebook wasn't private and she was bragging about how guys were wining and dining her.

    I wouldn't say to delete the accounts on the free ones, but leave them up just in case there is a mature woman who is capable of taking initiative (although it feels like 1% I'm sure). But mainly meet girls in the real world without any intentions of dating them and try to meet friends of theirs. But don't give them any real priority in your life. Like post with them on Facebook and such and their friends will notice you and things like that.


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  • Pof certainly works, I'm pretty sure the others you listed do too. You need to understand that there is huge competition between men online, chances are you are using unflattering pictures, setting your standards too high, not messaging enough women or a combination of all three. Online dating is brutal for men, so don't get offended when I say you probably are aiming out of your league, which is likely noticeably lower than it would be in real life.

    I slept with 3 women in a month that I met off pof, I followed this guide ( ), down to using the exact profile and sending the exact messages suggested, it 100% does work. You might be looking for something more serious than I was, but this guide will get you dates, where you take it from there is up to you really. Also if you aren't doing as well as you'd like with women the rest of that site is great too, its certainly not for everyone though!

  • I've tried all of them. They all suck if you're not attractive. I can't even get a tinder match :(

  • The bad thing about dating sites is that looks are emphasized way more. You won't even get a look if you don't look amazing.

  • OK cupid is the best of the free sites. I've had plenty of dates there. Maybe you need to remake your profile.

    Try talking to a girl at the grocery store. You can tell a lot about a person by what is in their cart.

    It seems like you have a negative attitude about parties and bars. You don't have to get wasted to have fun. You don't even have to drink. Lighten up!