Ladies, who would you date?

I hear this ridiculous trend going on these day. Friends telling me that girls prefer a guy who had couple relationships (the more the better) than a guy who never had relationship (even by choice). So I thought why don't I post the question here and find out.
So who would you choose, and explain why.

  • A. Guy who never had a girlfriend.
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  • B. Guy who had many relation
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  • I'd pick option A over a guy who has been around... too many failed relationships can be bothersome and would make me question whether this guy is the type to just jump into things and then break my heart after a while.


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What Girls Said 5

  • I chose a guy whose never been in a relationship. Even though a guy been in a relationship has experience, I'd rather someone whose like me and starting out with being in a relationship. Gradually build up from there and going with the flow. At least it'd be an experience for both of us!

  • to honest a guy that has had a girlfiend.. because he knows more than a guy that hasnt... he knows the rules of being in a relationship and has had more experience

    • Well the guy who had one GF could fall in to A catergory.
      What I mean is do you prefer to date someone who had been over 4 relationship or someone who had been with 2 or 3.

    • i mean i dont reallly look at that because of the fact that we have to date a lot of crappy people to find a good one... people can be so judgmental about things... so a guys whos had a lot of relationships doesn't automaticallly give red flags... maybe he hasn't found the right one.. as a persons whos had relationships i would understand that and someone who hasn't had one there's a question as to why just as their is a questions as why the other guy had so many...

    • Damn!! You got a good point.

  • Because they will keep thinking about their past relations and compare them to me, which would be incredibly annoying. + I don't want to date tonnes of people myself, let alone 2. I'm fine with 1.

  • I would choose the guy who has never had a gf

  • the guy who never had a girlfriend, means he has no baggage


What Guys Said 1

  • It's funny... for some reason , when my guy friends are single , no one is looking at them , when they have a girlfriend , even when he's alone , girls just start noticing him...