In person, text, note or I don't know what should I do.

Guys, I like this guy and I was just going to text him to tell him but my friends are saying to just ask him out so my question is what is the best way to ask him out? In person, text, note or I don't know what should I do


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  • Either way you feel most comfortable with is fine


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  • Do it in person. Then you can gauge his reaction right then and there.
    There is way too much texting, People are losing on how to talk and interact with each other.
    Sex and relationship issues should always be discussed in person, and most other items also.
    You get a much better feel on how the convo is going by seeing their reaction and hearing the tone of their voice.

  • Do NOT do it in text. In person is always the best. I guess you could do note if you share classes with him. But i'd definitely ask him in person, give him a few OBVIOUS hints and see how he responds, if it is positive, then ask him out. Hope this helps!


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