I want to reconnect with her because I haven't had that much in common with anyone else before?

I met this girl online in July, we talked for over a month. After the first week, we scheduled to meet up. The day before she cancels because her ex was back in town and complicated things. She still wanted to meet me and we talked for several more weeks. We had a ton in common and I was really hoping it'd go somewhere, after at least meeting. She had a weekly dance social she went to and said invited me check it out sometime. But before I got a chance to go, texting, snapchatting, and facebooking stopped. She eventually told me found she still had feelings for her ex and couldn't have someone with romantic intentions in her life. I said okay and let us part ways.

It's been a month and want to try reconnecting with her. None of my closest friends have as much in common with me as she does. I just feel like I missed out on a good friend.


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  • dont go back to her she made a decision for herself... if she likes you then she could appreciate your friendship.. there are many persons put there so dont worry.. you might find some good persons for yourself


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  • If she's dealing with her ex, drop her. Don't reconnect with her.