Friend Zoned, please help?

I went on a date with this girl I work with and have a HUGE crush on. After the date she said she had a good time but when I tried to kiss her she denied me. Later that week she hit me with the "I like you as a friend" speech. I asked her if she could see us as anything more than friends and she said "not right now". The thing is, she keeps calling me, texting me etc. She also wants to still hang out and when we do she wants to hold hands, touch me and like basically be all over me. Tonight I asked her why she just wanted to be friends. She said that if we didn’t work together, she would defiantly want to be with me and that she really did like me. She also said she was going through a rough spot because of a previous relationship. I understood but then said I did not want to text, call etc with her anymore as "friends" because I thought it would be weird since she obviously knows I like her as more than that. Did I make the right move or should I have stayed friends with her?


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  • boy she's sending you some messed up signals. I definitely think you did the right thing by telling her what you did. Its one thing to tell you she only sees you as a friend then ACT accordingly, eg, call. text, but dont be all over the guy.
    I think she's liking the attention you are giving her and maybe sees you as a back up. She might even be still seeing the other guy.
    And the work thing? I think that might just be an excuse. If you really liked the person that much then she would date you, regardless if you worked together.
    Sounds like she sort of wants a friends with benefits at this point.


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  • You made the right move.
    If she genuinely is struggling with the idea of being with you, you need to give her space for several reasons.
    1, she will find it hard to just treat you as a friend when you are together.
    2, that's confusing for you as not fair on either of you, especially you.
    3, she needs time to figure out what she wants, without her judgment being clouded.

    That being said, don't wait for her. Keep your options open. Don't spend time with her, if you can avoid it.

  • Ahh man don't get me wrong here but you're being too sweet with a girls who seems to want to need you when she wants and when she doesn't just leaves you to the curb. That's messed up she doesn't see you as anything more than friends with benefits, right now it doesn't seem to be that sexual but uses you as a friend and benefits as if you're in a relationship but not really in one. I wouldn't stand a guy using me like that either we're friends or we're dating no in between.

  • she likes the attention you give her thats it


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  • Tell her if she doesn't want to date then you don't want to be her friend. If she hits you with that, "You aren't entitled to love or a relationship!" bullshit then tell her she isn't entitled to your friendship. It's that easy.