What is his problem today? (Please read)?

Ugh wtf, my boyfriend says he has a cold which he does as there's a fucking bug going around, I had a cold too... but then he tells me this morning that he can't hang out because he is sick and has a headache and tells me to call any time of the day if I needed to... then I call him and his mom said that he's gone to his friends house and I know his buddie but wtf, why did he do that? Ugh


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  • Clearly there is a communication barrier with you two. It's super not cool of him to lie, and you should definitely call him out on it, but there is likely a reason for it. Find out what that reason is; otherwise, assuming you forgive him with this, the behavior ill continue and he will likely learn to get sneakier.


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  • Call him out on it, if he wanted to spend time with friends instead of you he should've just said.


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  • Maybe he wants to spend some of his time with you but not all of his time with you.