I think my crush might be a player?

I recently found out from a friend that the guy I like dated a girl in grade seven and cheated on her. He's in grade nine now. He's only cheated once, and that was in seventh grade. I noticed he hangs out with the "nerds" (at least from what I've seen) and I don't see him around a lot of girls like the other guys are. I don't know if he's dated any girls between grade seven and grade nine. Do you think he is a player?

It wasn't a rumour because my friend is friends with the girl he dated and then cheated on.


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  • Don't listen to rumors. See how he behaves towards girls in general.

    • What are some signs of him being a player I could pick out without talking to him? (I don't talk to him, just observe haha.)

    • Flirting many girls.


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  • Depends.. was that time he cheated the only time he had more than one girl in that moment after him? if he doesn't have much options its hard to tell since he won't have the opportunity.. if he had heaps then if a very simple thing to tell but generally, once they're a cheater its hard to leave that menality

  • Y'all are too young for this nonsense. Keep your legs closed and do some growing up then make decisions. I'd say till your 20 at the earliest. Just my opinion not hate.


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