How can I possibly get a chance to go out with him even though we've never talked?

So there's this boy I'm interested in but he's really shy and I can be shy too. We don't have similar friends, we don't have any classes and we've never talked. I think since we don't have any of those things, i don't have a really good chance with him. Is there any advice yu could give me to help?


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  • Go up to him and tell him you'd like to hang out and get to know him some time. That simple. It's then his job to work with you to find a time and place. That's the way non-mindgame relationships start.

    • What if he is a super super shy guy and super good boy?

    • What if he juggles baby geese for fun? Does that change the way you go from not knowing someone to knowing them?


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  • Don't go out of your way for someone that doesn't notice you being yourself even if being yourself is being out of the spot light. Someone who will truly care for you will find you not in the spot light but put you in his. If that makes sense which I hope it does. Just my opinion not hate.

    • Nope that's good advice thanks! And we'll not that i have to go way out of my way it's just we've never talked or anything! So it's both of us

  • develop some guts or just keep wishing


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