My boyfriend has been "missing" for 5 days?

So long story short my boyfriend quit our shared job with no warning whatsoever, didn't tell me, I found out from our manager and she said he only reason he gave her was personal stuff. When I texted him about it (he wouldn't pick up when I called) he said he wasn't int he mood to talk about it right now so I said okay. When I got off work I tried calling him but his phone was off and I just assumed he wanted space so I shot him a text telling him I loved him and I was there if he needed anything. The next morning I woke up and still hadn't heard anything and his phone was off and I had messages from his friends on Facebook wondering if I knew where he was or why they couldn't get ahold of him. At this point I was getting worried and gave it one more day before I texted his brother to try and get some answers. His brother wouldn't tell me anything other than that he is okay and just can't use his phone but when he can he will text me. It is now 5 going on 6 days since I have talked to my boyfriend and I still don't know what's going on. Do you think it is being to pushy and invasive to text his brother again for more answers? I love him and I just want to be there for him if something is going on, and it is killing me not knowing anything.


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  • Yeah it would be rude and inconsiderate to text his bro again, you have done what needed to be done now just give him space, are you will come off as annoying and desperate

    • Wow you have been missing for four days:) thanks for the mh.

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  • maybe he and his brother did something and they don't want the police to be able to trace his phone.
    Or he was abducted by aliens or feminists.

  • no one should ever date a coworker under any circumstances. he took responsibility by severing all ties to you and your 'shared job' together.

    • That isn't like him at all, and we have been fine working together and dating for 6 months

    • lol i sort of remember you. as i recall, one time i gave the very best input i could to one of your questions and every time i posted you came back to clarify that oh no, i wasn't realizing,, etc., etc.
      so i'll just say this, you answered your own question in one sentence and now i shall go. please do not comment back, as i consider this a done deal.

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  • if his family and friends don't know where he is at and worried I would report him missing. you're just worried about his safety

    • His brother knows he just won't give me details