Will he notice once im gone?

I've been seeing a guy for a year and a half and he says he loves me all the time. We aren't official. I'm afraid to ask him to be. My friends think he is using me Cuz we aren't official and we don't see each other every day or talk every day. I'm a great person and very attractive. I don't really think he is using me Cuz any space I put in between us he freaks out but I may be wrong and he could be using me. If I walk out of this will he notice? Will he miss me if I leave? When guys use girls and those girls leave do they ever regret using them? After a year and a half of him depending on me and loving me will this hurt for him? Could he change?


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  • I wouldn't make distance or leave him to see if he would care. I'd do it if I no longer wanted to be with him. Try to make it official if you want it to be or make sure you aren't being used.


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  • You should have a conversation and see where his intentions are. I would also see if what he says matches how he acts. Don't be to in love without checking these things first.