Is a girl with a serious allergy considered "high maintenance"?

I've got a friend who was telling me that she struggles with guys because she has one of those severe allergies that make it difficult for her to eat out anywhere. She's gotta make a big deal to the wait staff every time about what she can eat or else she just waits to get home to eat. Do guys really take this as being high maintenance even though it's a medical issue?


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  • I'd guess it's either glutten, or milk she's alergic to. Bloody hard to find that kind of food really.

    But no, no if she takes the necesary precautions. Find out where it's ok to eat BEFOREHAND, and don't make a "big deal" out of it. So if she takes it into account, then no. However if she expects to be catered for (like yaddayaddayadda02 put it), then she'd be high maintenance (not because of the alergy, but because she insists on making everyone else care about her, when she doesn't try to adapt to it).

    I got a friend with glutten alergy, and when we're in town he knows EXACTLY where he can get food. So we just let him have a word in when deciding, and it's not a problem at all. Hell, by now, most of us know the places too XD


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  • Yes it's high maintenance. She's expecting the wait staff to cater to her issues. If she's making a "big deal" about it, she's coming off as attention seeking. She should know what restaurants are ok for her allergic issues and gather the knowledge herself - then tell her boyfriend the list of restaurants she can go to.

  • While it may not be her fault, it still is high maintenance. Any medical issue like that can be high maintenance. Depending on what kind of allergy she has , maybe she could take medicine to help control it.


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  • I guess. I won't believe her until I actually see her break out. There are so many girls out there who are allergic to gluten/lactose/fructose/you-name-it (self-diagnosed of course) just to hide their (real) eating disorder.

    If she really had severe allergies, I'd think she'd do the research first and suggest restaurants they can go to or prepare a home-cooked meal for both.