The girl i'm dating will NEVER text me when she's out of her flat? Why?

I definitely have her mobile number- Why does she not text me during the day, i mean everyone else texts during the day, lunch breaks etc. It's not as though she's not eager to though, i can tell that she texts as soon as she get's in because i always starts receiving texts at the same time everyday to within 10mins

She'll even text in the morning before she goes out sometimes


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  • Maybe she has a job that she can't do that? Or perhaps she's trying to show you that she's busy and "has a life."


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  • Most likely she just has a busy schedule, but if she finds time to fit you in, it means she thinks you're worth that so I wouldn't think too hard about it

  • Maybe she doesn't like texting alot?

    • As i say she prolongs text conversations and seems eager enough

    • She may not be able to be on her phone or just busy. I don't text when at work unless it's my family.

  • Does she work or is she studying?
    She may just like to focus on what she nees to do in the daytime. Perhaps she zones into it to concentrate.
    However, I agree, she could text at lunchtime but she may then be with friends and not want to be rude by being on her phone.

    Years ago you couldn't speak to someone you wern't with until you were home and could use the home phone! Unless you had 10p for the phonebox haha

    You could always casually bring it up one day. Not why don't you text me in the day. But if there is an appropriote conversation for it to be brought into, you could metntion you have noticed she texts you around the same time everyday and you love getting that evening text. Just see what she says.

    When I am working, have something important I'm doing, or out with friends and family, I rarely look at my phone. If it rings I will look if I can just incase of emergancy. But even if it's on loud and I hear a text I will just leave it until the right time to look. I think it's rude to be on your phone when out with friends or family. And most jobs you can't just use your phone when you like.


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  • Maybe she's like me and HATES texting and prefers to talk to people as human beings.

    • if that were true then she wouldn't be eager to prolong text conversations, and she does

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    • oh i'm not worried about it, but i am somewhat perplexed

    • Well there used to be a time when people didn't walk around glued to their phones and jumping to answer every text, email, facebook, twitter, snapchat, instagram, tumbler, tinder message that arrived on it. Maybe she's that way. The point is, who cares? You're dating her. :)

  • she has a life. she has things to do. texting can be a huge waste of time. she doesn't feel the need to check in with you constantly throughout the day. she assumes you'll make it okay if you don't hear from her for a few hours.

    • yet she is happy to 'waste' hours and hours at the weekends when she's home? and always texts as soon as she gets back?

  • Maybe u r just there to waste her time when she is bored sorry for telling u that but that what i would think if i were u

    • She has almost no free time, she leaves early and gets back late in the evening and does work at home during the weekends, she can't afford to waste time