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So there's this new girl that moved to my school she's smart, pretty and all that good stuff. here's the weird situation tho, i notice that she looks at me a lot, and some of my friends say they've heard her talking about me to her other friends before (sounded like good stuff), and anytime i talk to her she smiles or blushes, and a friend asked her for her # for me and she gave me it, so... Seems like she likes me, But she has a bf? So what should i say, i like her, but im not gonna be a$$ and take another guys lady.. or is she just a h$? Lol


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  • This is really hard. If you become her friend you could mention it one day casually. "You have a boyfriend right?" And she'll say something. Then you'd say, "He's a lucky guy" unless you aren't confident enough. if u aren't then just become like besttttt friends. Talk to her, get to the point where you can hug her, secretly flirt with her, but don't get too flirty! You don't wanna get beat up by the guy or annoy the girl. Hope this helps a little but she might not be a girl you can trust...

  • I think you should go ahead and talk to her but on a friendly level and if she seems to be flirty just say something like don't you have a boyfriend? Or are you and your boyfriend still together? She's open to friends ya know? So you aren't Mr. steal yo girl if you just be friend her first.


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