Got sorta rejected, still a chance?

So this girl and I had planned to go stargazing and she texted me a few days before saying that she wasn't ready for a relationship yada-yada-yada. 3 weeks later we grab lunch and have a really great time. I walk her to the gym afterwards and she wants me to climb with her (we both climb regularly) but I have to turn it down because of prior arrangements. After we talk for a bit, she attacks me with a hug and we part ways. She texts me later saying "Lunch was great! Glad we could hang out :)."

Do you think I still have a chance?


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  • she's being nice and that's good but it sounds like there is some potential there. just keep working at it at your own pace. milk it.


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  • ahm, dont think so. She just want to be friends.


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  • Maybe ya know how girls are tho. so far you've done good with being busy I mean if you don't drop everything for her it'll make her want you.