Online dating: How often do you start talking with someone you just started talking to?

I'm 50% sure that just saying Hi is the go to thing but I'm a paranoid person. I was talking to this awesome girl last night a few messages back and forth. She stopped responding after 11, obviously fell asleep. Should I just say hi later today or wait 1 or 2 days?

When I say paranoid I mean the little normal "I don't want to annoy this person I just met" goes to the extreme for me where I'm afraid that if I do annoy her she'll find me and kill me for it. Paranoia, kinda sucks... But anyway I'll probably be asking a lot of obvious questions so ALL help is appreciated.


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  • I've been online dating for a while now. I tend to message people on there for about a day to a week, depends on my level of connection with them as well as what vibe I get from them. My current boyfriend (whom I met online), I talked to him for probably an hour online before I gave him my number. We started texting that night and have been talking ever since (almost 2 months ago).
    As for your situation, I would suggest sending a good morning message! It doesn't hurt, it shows you are interested. You could even give your cell number and let her know you're busy today so the best way to contact is via text. That way she can contact you and you'll have a better idea as to whether or not she's interested as well.


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  • Honestly stop the whole online dating thing and get the experience in the real world. It will also help you get over any fears you have. Hiding behind a dating site will do nothing but make your social skills and anxiety worse.