Do girls prefer text or calls? Should I ask her out?

Okay, so, there is this girl at work who is super cute, we hung out yesterday and it was really cool. We smoked, chilled, then I asked for her number and she gave me it and left. Anyway today, I texted her just for like a little. We exchanged like 4 texts, but I really want to hang out with her on Friday, but I don't want to seem too desperate and text her like a bunch of days in a row. This girl is like way out of my league, I don't have like low self esteem or anything but I mean, I can tell when someone is out of my league. Anyway, should I ask her to hang out Friday? Neither of us work that day and I don't have plans. Or should I wait? What should I ask? Should I call her or text her? It may seem simple, but my last relationship, my ex said I was too clingy and too nice (she ended up cheating on me cause she was a bitch) and she was my first long relationship. I don't want to make the same mistake. I think she likes me, who knows why she's crazy gorgeous, but i think she does. We've only known eachother a few weeks and the other day was the first time we hung out. Oh and I'm 19 and the girl is 18, if that helps.
Thanks for any help.

Sorry if it's too long:/

Ahh lol. Calls are/can be awkward
Okay, I guess I'll call her. I hope she likes me lol.


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  • texts can be cute ♡
    but calls are 100× more special cuz we can hear each other's voices (੭ु ›ω‹ )੭ु⁾⁾💓

    • Really? Well, I'm not 100% sure she likes me, but I think. I just don't want to come off desperate.


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  • Call! It makes us think you're a little serious, gives us goosebumps and we can tell our friends "well dat new guy I been talking to u bches about asked me out through a phone call! Wtf do I wear to see him?" Lol you have no idea how much we take these things so seriously. Plus it gives us a good impression on how you are... like your not afraid and confident. :)

    • Yea? You don't think it'd be awkward? Some of my friends (girls) think it is. I don't wanna be awkward:(

    • No lol maybe if the girl is shy... u just have to act like u know what to say next. honestly Ihad a big fear of phone calls lol like someone would call and iI'd pee a little lol but then I just started to act like I know this convo, what to say next and stay on top. As in be the first to say hello when she picks up. plus its your voice you don't even have to look at her just be like "aye yo cutie I wana take you out Friday night so make sure your free" or something like that lol don't sound timid like get her attention cuz apparently she got yours..

  • i prefer calls

    • It isn't too soon? I don't like texting as it is, but still.

  • Texts personally

  • I think you should text her and ask her maybe she is thinking/feeling the same way.

    • Well, I don't want to like jump straight into something. But I'd love to hang out with her again. You know?

    • I don't mean rush into anything I just mean maybe she is digging you and wants to hang out with you too.


    • Even if we aren't super familiar with eachother? What do I say? I hate this.:|

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    • Like to hang out? Lol

    • yes this should work

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  • Calls are more personable but can also be awkward. It really depends on how long you've known her for and if you've met each other already. If I were you I would call her since you work with her and should already be comfortable calling her. If you never met the girl than texts are preferable so as to seem not to clingy.

    • Well, I've know her for about 3 weeks. You don't think it's to soon hanging out with her Wednesday and calling her on Thursday to hang on Friday?